Step 1. On the desktop you are currently on, press Windows + Tab keys; this displays all your currently opened applications. Alternatively, click on the Task View  icon no the Taskbar. Step 2. Locate “New Desktop with a + sign” and click to create new Desktop. Alternatively, the shortcut key: “Windows + Ctrl + D”… Continue reading HOW TO CREATE & SWITCH BETWEEN MULTIPLE DESKTOPS IN WINDOWS 10


How To Secure Your Android From Being Hacked

Below are the some methods by which you can easily secure your android device to be hacked by hackers so better choice is to implement all these methods and stay safe with your device. Avoid Third Party App :- Anything downloaded from unofficial sites can cost you huge. With the current torrents flood rate you… Continue reading How To Secure Your Android From Being Hacked


Create Computer Spy to check Logins

There are so many software available on internet claiming to monitor the activities of the computer, however all that is required is Internet, huge hard disk space or some more penny. Open Notepad. Copy the below script: echo. >> logs.txt TIME /T >> logs.txt DATE /T >> logs.txt echo %USERNAME% >> logs.txt 2. Save it… Continue reading Create Computer Spy to check Logins


How a wireless network works

A wireless local area network (WLAN) is the linking of 2 or more computers with Network Interface Cards (NICs) through a technology based on radio waves. All devices that can connect to a wireless network are known as stations. Stations can be access points (APs), or clients. Access points are base stations for the wireless… Continue reading How a wireless network works


Youth and Elections

Young people make up about 60% of Africa’s population (UN Youth 2010) and about 58% of Ghana’s voting population. Projections are that the youth aged 18 to 35 years constituted over 65% of the 2016 voting populations. However, this important segment of the population is not only vulnerable to be exploited as Macho Men due… Continue reading Youth and Elections